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Thank you for coming along with us!
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Flatworld FINALE:
As you may recall, we embarked upon this world cruise in order to decide for ourselves whether or not we should renew our membership in the Flatworld Society. We have now completed this scientific expedition along with many of you who have faithfully followed on www.bobboozer.com. We are pleased to announce that we have come to a conclusion. Indeed the world is FLAT because we never came to the edge, despite four months of searching. Itís flater than we thought. It just keeps on going. We are forthwith renewing our membership in the Flatworld Society and urge each and everyone of you to do the same!

Here are a few last images of Paris, and thank you so much for coming along!


Standard_Boozer_Wall_Garb Grecian_God Gallery_at_Le'_Louvre
Muses Napoleon's_CRIB Venus_de_Milo