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Honolulu, a most cosmopolitan city, is sprouting with futuristic glass skyscrapers that seem to melt into the blue of the Oahu sky. We spent the morning at the USS Arizona Memorial over the rusting sunken hulks of our gallant warships, commemorating that fateful Sunday morning in 1941 when 2,390 of our sons lost their futures within the blink of an eye. (Perhaps we should take a thoughtful look at Pearl Harbor before we take another step toward Iraq!) We viewed Honolulu by tour bus and on foot, visiting the only palace in America, King Kamehameha's golden statue, and a church and museum of the missionary movement. Day two was mostly a historic and geologic bus tour of Hawaii's volcanic beginnings, some 3 million years ago, including several idyllic beaches of paradise. That evening, we came in from the surf at Waikiki just as they were lighting torches up and down the beach.


"Flat World" DUO Arizona Memorial Posing at Diamondhead Monument
Aloha   From Here to Eternity...
Honolulu Kamehameha Pearl Harbor