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Cape of Good Hope
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On the third day in Cape Town, our tour guide took us out to the Cape of Good Hope, where by funicular and by climbing hundreds of steps, we reached the lighthouse at the pinnacle. Here we experienced a bird’s eye view of the marine meeting point of East and West as the waters of the Indian and the Atlantic Oceans merge (photos). The Cape’s welcoming committee is a gang of lively baboons clamoring through the weather-trimmed shrubs and over the jagged rocks. Today, the whole area is a nature preserve to protect the thousands of indigenous species of flora and fauna that live here, some in no other place on Earth. We observed geckos, ostriches, springboks, bontebok and all kinds of birds fishing and soaring. We stopped by Simonstown to view the bronze statue of “Just Nuisance”, the dog who earned his reputation faithfully looking after sailors. Another special highlight was visiting the flourishing colony of delightful African penguins strutting about Boulder Bay, busily trying to protect their eggs from the hungry seagulls.


Penguins on the Cape "Cape of Good Host" Cape Beach
"Cape of Good Hostess" Nesting Penguins "Tablecloth" of Table Mountains

Cape of Good Hope